Fast Radioactive Orphan Source Localization

Orphan Source

  • It’s a self-contained radioactive source that is no longer under proper regulatory control.
  • It can cause severe injuries to the person that is in contact with it and typically unaware of it.
  • It could provide an ingredient for a “dirty bomb”, in which conventional explosive disperses radioactive material from the source.

AISense Gamma Benefits

  • Detects the source, measures current dose rate and indicates the direction toward the source.
  • Assuming a typical order-of-magnitude 50Ci radiography source, the direction would likely be measured to better than 10 degrees at a still-safe 100m standoff distance.
  • Effective minimization of total received dose and improved safety of the team.
  • Shortened searching time results in substantial cost reduction.
  • Reliable and accurate direction readout in partially shielded scenarios where the classical distance-squared approach to searching can be misleading or dangerous to the team.

Possible Use Case: Mexico – Alert in state of Tabasco, April 2015

  • Orphan source stolen from a truck.
  • Radioactive material (Iridium-192), normally used in industrial radiography.
  • The quantity of stolen radioactive material in this case could, unprotected, cause permanent injuries to the person who handles it or who has been in contact with it for a brief period of time (hours or even minutes); being close for longer intervals could be fatal.
  • This is the third incident of radioactive material being stolen in the country since December 2013.

Orphan source