Benefits in Nuclear Installations

Regular Maintenance

  • Immediate hotspot localization with dose rate assessment (sludge/sediment trapping at flanges, valves, knees; leak detection, …)
  • Inspection of Protective Gear (regular inspection of the protective gear in use, fast assessment of the contamination spots on personnel, …)
  • Reduced overall monitoring costs due to efficient work-flow

Emergency Situations

  • Immediate hotspot localization and leakage detection with dose rate assessment
  • Minimization of the received (dose of) radiation
  • Intuitive instrument use, demanding no training, importantly improves efficiency

Case of Real-Life Use – Nuclear Power Plant Water Pipe System

The instrument was presented to Krško Nuclear Power Plant team in 2014.  The device was tested in the field for regular inspection of penetration room water pipe system. During this inspection, a hotspot of dose rate about 0.2 mSv/h was detected on the pipe bend. The existence of the hotspot was immediately confirmed by the means of a classical radiation monitor.

NPP Krsko

NPP Krško, Slovenia

Aisense Gamma however proved to be a very efficient tool –  the time to find the hotspot was reduced by orders of magnitude. The device is especially suited for usage in areas with several hotspots of different activities.