Areas of Application

AISense Gamma 4 is a game-changing tool in:


Customs, Ports

Complete (source position and ID), fast and detailed inspection of people, goods, traffic, cargo – both bulk goods and containers

Container ship in the harbor in Asia ,
Fire Brigade

Fast surveillance and elimination of danger in emergencies (flood, fire, earthquake,…)

Firefighter at work on an abandoned house in flame

Military, Navy

Reliable elimination of gamma radiation hazard, dirty bomb recognition

Kronshtadt, Russia - August 16th, 2009: Russian military sailors working on the deck of a military ship moored at the wharf in the port of Kronshtadt
First Responders

Effective and fast search for lost (orphaned) or unknown sources in emergencies

Kostanjevica, Slovenia - October 22, 2016: Search and Rescue team looking for missing persons near huts in the wood
Nuclear Facilities

Surveillance for regular checking of buildings, installations, waste, stored sources, or use in emergency cases

Nuclear power plant Temelin with a pond in the foreground, Czech Republic.
Nuclear Medicine

Routine checks of gamma ray emitters used in medicine, materials and waste

Man in Scanner
Steel Industry

Control of radioactive sources used in steel production

Steelworker near a blast furnace with sparks. Foundry. Heavy industry.
Environmental Agencies

Inspections of environment and industrial plants

Aerial View of Oil Refinery and Storage Tanks by the Chao Phraya River