Dose Rate Mapping

Route Monitoring for Android - dose rate mapping application

Our team developed a dose rate mapping application for AndroidTM called “Route Monitoring for AndroidTM“.

The Route Monitoring Application is designed for mapping of various scalar or vector parameters, such as the dose rate onto terrain maps. The application is modular and supports various interfaces for communication with different measuring instruments and sensors that meet certain requirements (the measuring instrument should support either RS232 or Bluetooth with SPP).

Dose Rate Meters

Currently supported devices:

  • Automess dose rate meters that are compatible with base unit type 6150 AD,
  • Reuter Stokes cell RSS-131 ER,
  • Victoreen® 451P and
  • Berthold LB 123 D-H10 Dose Rate Monitor.

Read more here.

Real-time Access to Measured Data and Fast Analysis of Measurements

The application is interactive and shows the measured data, on the map, in real time. Measured points have different colors depending on the value of the measured quantity and on preset levels of color scale. The application also allows for an immediate review of data trends in a plot, enabling the user to quickly analyze data during the measurement. Each point on the plot is a hyperlink directed back at the map to the corresponding measurement location. All captured data is stored in the database for later access, analysis or export.

Synchronize Data in Real Time with The Web Server

Application allows to synchronize data in real time with web server (over secure connection), so that decision makers can analyze data in the office and decide further actions.

Receive Actions from Decision Maker Web Server “Route monitoring tower”

Application now allows to accept different actions, like:

  • go to certain location action,
  • go and measure action and
  • custom actions that can be implemented into application.

Surfer Ready Export

User can export measured data in Surfer ready files (excel table + base map).

New: Averaging of Measurement Points at The Same Location

New option is available to average measurement points at the same location or on the selected radius from the first measured point. At the end user gets number of averaged points, mean value and standard deviation.

New: Preset Timer

User can set preset timer in seconds or measured points, so that application automatically stops measuring when the preset criteria is reached.


New: Multi-language support

User interface is from version 1.6 available in English, French, German and Slovenian language.

Export of Data in Various Formats

User can export measured data in various formats (*. CSV – Comma-separated values, *. KML – Google Earth *.XLSX – MS Excel) and open them directly in these programs without having to deal with conversion between formats.

Benefits of Application

  • easy to use
  • an interactive map showing the measured points in real time (read more)
  • interactive graphs showing the measured points in real time (read more)
  • synchronizing the data in real time with the web server
  • communication between teams and decision makers by sending and receiving of actions
  • quick and easy export to various formats (read more)
  • adds value to any existing measuring device
  • modular application (plug-ins for different instruments can be developed on demand)
  • application works on android tablets, having on average a long battery life
  • disposes of data connection cables

Real Field Tests

Application was tested by the highly professional intervention teams from Slovenia from different organizations:

  • The Mobile Radiological Laboratory (MRL) of Slovenia, J. Stefan Institute (read more),
  • Radiation Protection Unit (RPU) – SVPIS (read more) and
  • Institute of Occupational Safety (IOS) (read more).

The application was used in May 2013 and in November 2014 in field measurements around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant during the “Response and Assistance Network” (RANET) workshop held in the Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

Our Customers

  • Radiation Protection Unit (RPU) – SVPIS (read more)
  • The Mobile Radiological Laboratory (MRL) of Slovenia (read more)
  • Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP) of Switzerland (read more)
  • Institute of Occupational Safety (IOS) in Slovenia (read more)
  • Slovenian Agency for Radioactive Waste Management – ARAO (read more)

More about Route Monitoring for AndroidTM application can be found at